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Keeping You Safe From Chemicals

Seeing a need for affordable and reliable protection in the industries that work with paint splatter, our company decided to act, creating a product our clients could rely on. These products are made to last in all of the extensive work you or your team completes. Know you are protected against all types of chemicals and substances from spray-paint down to asbestos. Wherever you and your team work throughout Canada, we offer our protective clothing to you in bulk.

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Paint Master Coveralls

This product is specifically crafted for use in the painting field for automobiles, booth painting, and various other industrial painting projects. Keep yourself and clothing safe with this specifically designed product while you work right alongside  paint splatter. Logos and designer colors are available options made for companies that wish to advertise their business while they work. Learn More »

Chemical Coveralls

When it comes to our Kool and Chemguard disposable coveralls, they have been tested by ISO Standards and have a rating of class five and six protection against chemicals and substances. Made with a four stitch overlock sewing machine, every one of our chemical safe coveralls offers a durable stitch that won't break easily on you. Crafted with heavy-duty automatic zippers, these coveralls won't fall down on you either, making them the number one choice for all workers who need protection in the field. Learn More »

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Protect yourself and your team with our Paint Master, Kool, and Chemguard coveralls.
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